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Villa Brattlie

Villa Brattlie is a stunning private villa in minimalist style, situated by the sea and with a spectacular view. The owners state that their wish was to have a cabin with the characteristics of a penthouse. The house is characterized by large glass surfaces that amplify the spaces, by soft, harmonious colours and by the constant presence in the different rooms of works of art. 
According to Dorna Lakayan, who was responsible for the interior architecture of the house, Villa Brattlie is a place where art, architecture and the surrounding nature dance in perfect harmony.  

The house basks in the warmth of the summer light and maintains its grace and elegance as the seasons change, even through skilful artificial lighting.  

The design for this residence focuses on a seamless choreography of materials and spaces, which also inspired the lighting. The studio's attention was not only focused on the lighting of the working and living areas, but also on the subtle highlighting of each work of art chosen personally by the owners and the spaces that connect them. 
The villa, with its minimalist design, required lighting solutions that aligned perfectly with its essence, also for the exterior. 
Laser Blade recessed luminaires provide the general lighting for the interior spaces, from the kitchen to the bedrooms, to the living spaces that also function as the connective spaces of the house. In some passages other luminaires provide accent lighting: above the kitchen table we find Laser pendant luminaires and in the rest of the house Palco floodlights, and in some cases Palco Framer, provide vertical lighting for the artworks.  

Villa Brattlie invites you to connect with the surrounding landscape, recognising the importance of the exterior lighting, which is very respectful with low illuminance levels. Along the walkways and stairs, iWay Super Comfort with 180° optics are installed. The walls, which seem to echo the rough, grey appearance of the surrounding rocks, are lit by recessed Linealuce Mini grazing light. The façade on which the entrance is located has a projecting part, on which Laser Blade InOut are installed, protecting the entrance itself. 

The plant species in the garden are highlighted by Palco InOut installed on a peg, while in the Japanese garden between the wings of the building, the central tree receives illumination, from below, from 3 Lun Up Evo recessed and projected light from Palco InOut which are positioned in the upper corners of the masonry. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Hilde e Trond Vegard Brattlie
  • Architectural project:
    Saunders Architecture
  • Interior design:
    Metropolis Arkitektur & Design
    Studio Lakayan
  • Photographer
    Tomasz Majewski

Project Quote

"Our home is more than beautiful, it is the perfect place to be at radiating a delightful harmony between architecture and finishings"

Hilde and Trond Vegar Brattlie

"Being on a slope connected to the sea, the harmonious presence of artificial light plays an important role during most months of the year to embrace a Nordic life where tranquility amidst nature, and light is a silent companion, guiding serenity through the challenges of extreme weather conditions."

Dorna Lakayan, Interior Architect designer

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