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Velocity, Glow Next

The international “GLOW Eindhoven” festival, that took place from 7th to 14th November 2015, included a GLOW NEXT section with a series of experimental artworks by famous artists and new talents. The GLOW NEXT project’s creative director, the designer Rombout Frieling, acted as the middle man between the artists’ creativity and the technology put at their disposal by the companies involved. 

iGuzzini illuminazione worked together with Bosch, Smartlight and the local artist, Jaap van den Elzen, to  creare “Velocity”, an installation based on a smart lighting system. The installation focuses on a type of urban area that is generally ignored and often neglected, like the lower part of a viaduct. In this case, the artist has connected lighting variations to the speed and number of cars driving across the suspended road. 

A traffic camera traces the positions of the individual vehicles and transforms their speed and movement into light in an interactive tunnel that is literally activated by the flow of the traffic. 360° effect Trick luminaires were chosen for the project and the effect is spectacular. Anyone entering the tunnel is completely immersed in the installation and the initiative has been so popular with the local town that the Eindhoven authorities are currently considering making it a permanent installation. iGuzzini: social  innovation through lighting. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Glow Eindhoven
  • Lighting project:
    Jaap van den Elzen
  • Photographer
    Philippe Piraux

Products Used: