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The new headquarters of the Paideia Foundation

The new Paideia Centre was inaugurated in 2018, after two and a half years of building works. The Paideia Foundation has been working for 25 years to welcome and support children with disabilities and their families. Its overall aim is to put the concept of social integration into practice by bringing together families living with disabilities in a place that is open and accessible to all.

The Paideia Centre is open to all families with a philosophy of offering rehabilitation activities at moderate prices (-25%) to those who can afford them and completely free for those in financial difficulty. The services offered are sustained by a series of paid activities, such as swimming lessons, water aerobics, pilates, swimming for pregnant women, rental of some spaces for events, and the cafeteria. The building, has been carefully designed to ensure that every detail is appealing, inviting and sustainable from an energy point of view thanks to the use of geothermal energy. The LED lighting contributes to energy saving and embellishes spaces by creating diffuse, homogeneous lighting in the building’s distinctively spacious, brightly coloured and comfortable environments.

The swimming pool is illuminated by pendant and wall-mounted iSign luminaires. The spaces dedicated to psychomotor activities are lit by ceiling-mounted iN 90 luminaires installed around the perimeters of the rooms to highlight their shapes. A pendant version of iN 90 is used in the reading room - library. Some of the communal areas, such as the catering room, are illuminated using Reflex recessed luminaires, while the corridors and waiting areas feature a combination of recessed luminaires like the Reflex and the pendant version of iRoll 65.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Fondazione Paideia
  • Architectural project:
    Lorenzo Giubergia
  • Lighting project:
    Elisabetta Paiano, Stefano Santoni
  • Photographer
    Andrea Guermani