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Sino-American T. & F. Tower

The Sino-American T. & F. Tower is located in Shanghai, at the point where the Suzhou Creek meets the Huangpu river, an area that is part of the historical Bund.

The tower houses a business centre that includes financial offices, informal restaurants, stores and boutiques. It covers an area of 123,000 sqm. spread between two towers located at the east and west ends of the construction.

The building has a simple, linear architectural style that is nevertheless full of interesting construction details.

The building’s outdoor lighting system is designed to comply with the regulations governing this area and therefore blends in with the style of the other buildings.

The lighting concept elaborated by Poetry Vision & Art Design takes its inspiration from the Yulan Magnolia tree, the symbol of the city of Shanghai. In late spring, this tree is covered with white flowers that bloom before the leaves sprout. To recall this effect, Trick 360° luminaires have been placed at the intersection of the stone arms that cover the façade of the East Tower. These central light points then exploit the different reflective capacities of the stone and glass by letting its rays run and fade along the 4 arms, like 4 petals.

For the West Tower, on the other hand, Underscore InOut luminaires have been used to outline a geometrical L-shape in the window frames in order to increase the façade’s sense of depth.

An innovative lighting design that outlines the structure of the complex elegantly and discreetly.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Sino-American T. & F. Tower
  • Architectural project:
    East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
  • Lighting project:
    Poetry Vision & Art Design Co.
  • Architects:
    Weiliang Zhao, Peidong Chen, Yang Wang
  • Photographer