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MGallery Hotel Collection 5*

In the city of Cagliari, a historic building from the 1920s has been transformed into the 5-star MGallery Palazzo Tirso hotel.
This monumental building was formerly the headquarters of the Sardinian Electricity Board. It then became the property of the Intesa San Paolo Bank until it was purchased by the Puddu Costruzioni Group, who entrusted its interior design to the Marco Piva Studio. 

The structure was opened at the end of May 2023, after a meticulous redevelopment that also transformed its intended purpose while preserving its historical identity.
The design adopted creates a clear link with its previous existence by preserving and enhancing part of its original structure in a stylistic continuum. This approach allows guests to savour the history and elegance of Palazzo Tirso while enjoying contemporary amenities and technologies.

The building’s renovation, which is in itself a monument to sustainability and ethics, seeks to optimise and reduce, wherever possible, its impact on the environment by using local or new generation materials, LED lamps and scenarios that reduce consumption. Its grounds are also landscaped to interact with the traditions of the local area.
In line with its new hotel sector functions, the spaces in the new MGallery Palazzo Tirso have been designed to blend in with the urban fabric, creating a relaxing and comfortable haven that is open to the city.

The lighting design was entrusted to the architect Michele Schintu, owner of the architectural and engineering firm Studio essequadro | p.
Starting in the basement, there is an area dedicated to wellness.  The corridor leading to it is lit by recessed Laser minimal version luminaires on the ceiling and Light Up Orbits on the floor, which also create a band of light on the walls. The lighting in this area helps to accentuate the colours that together with its emphasis on stonework have been specifically chosen to maintain a firm bond with the local area.

On the ground floor, there is also a room that can be partitioned for meetings and conventions, lit by recessed Blade R luminaires with integrated audio speakers, thereby meeting both lighting and amplification requirements in a neat and stylish way.
The hotel's 85 rooms are spread over the upper 4 floors, and the fourth floor is dedicated entirely to 8 suites plus the Presidential Suite, which cover two levels and range in size from 70 to 120 square meters for the Presidential Suite. In this type of room, the soft, controlled lighting is created by minimal luminaires, like recessed Lasers mounted on a Superrail track, and ceiling-mounted Palco spotlights. Together, these create a system that provides both general and accent lighting effects. 

To ensure that no detail is overlooked, great attention has also been paid to the stairwells along which Superrail tracks with stripleds and diffuser screens have been installed. There are also a series of niches featuring tapestries recalling the ancient tradition of Sardinian weaving that are lit by internal custom luminaires.

For the exteriors, Schintu started from the assumption that lighting design is first and foremost an architectural project in which the primary goal is the perception of places and, in this case, the ability to excite through the skilful calibration of light and shadow. He therefore decided to highlight the monumental façade of Palazzo Tirso by accentuating its load-bearing and architectural decorations. By combining grazing and accent effects, the façade becomes a visual point of attraction, giving greater importance and value to the entire building by making it visible from the marina too.

This effect was achieved through the combination of Linealuce and Light Up Earth luminaires, which are ground-installed to create the grazing light effect. The linear luminaires with Wall grazing medium optics are focused on the rusticated stonework while the circular recessed luminaires illuminate the entrance columns. Palco inOut projectors are used to light the entrance vaulting. The coat of arms with the four Moors located at the corner of the building is highlighted by Linealuce mini 47 luminaires. The access staircase is lit by recessed Laser Blade inOut luminaires that blend in perfectly with the alucobond canopy.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Puddu Costruzioni Group
  • Lighting project:
    studio essequadro | p - Michele Schintu
  • Interior design:
    Studio Marco Piva
  • Photographer
    Studio Vetroblu

Project Quote

"Thanks to the vibrato created by the grazing lights on the rusticated stonework and the illumination of elements like the entrance columns, the staircase, the mascaron above the canopy and the coat of arms with the four Moors located in the corner of the building, the façade can be admired in all its complexity and elegance. And all the individual decorations that are difficult to see at night are highlighted."

Michele Schintu, studio essequadro | p

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