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Kinnear 18

The name of this villa, Kinnear 18, comes from the historical name of the street in Wuding, which has undergone several redevelopments. 
All projects by V10, the architectural firm that carried out the renovation, are inspired by the concept of relationship, and for Kinnear 18 there are three main relationships. 

The first crucial relationship for this project is with its neighbourhood. The villa is located in the heart of Shanghai, at the intersection of the Jingan, Xuhui and Changning districts and is surrounded by a large number of historic buildings. The façade of the building is designed to frame the beauty of the context and large windows connect the interior spaces with the city.
The roof has also been renovated according to this philosophy: a large terrace has been created, which is a quiet and private space, softly lit during the evening hours by small Walky recessed luminaires that illuminate the balustrade and the horizontal plane, while from above comes the light provided by Laser Blade inOut. A white finish was chosen for the Walky to make its presence even less visible. 

The second relationship that inspired the project is that between the building and the surrounding greenery: two new gardens have been created on each side of the villa. The first garden is spacious and perfect for welcoming guests, the other, more intimate and private, connects the kitchen with a small park. Both are lit by Laser Blades inOut, positioned around the perimeter of the building. 
The dining area has also been designed with nature in mind. An imposing double-height space is flooded with natural light coming from the north and filtered by centuries-old trees, while during the evening hours, lighting comes from a large decorative pendant luminaire and from Palco LV floodligths installed in a track on the ceiling of the first floor and positioned zenithally.
The large skylight in the bathroom on the top floor, instead, opens the house skyward. Here, at night, the room is illuminated by minimalist Laser downlights.

The third relationship that inspired Kinnear 18 is that between materials and spaces.
The living area is dominated by the red stone fireplace, sculpted to reveal its natural veins. This block floats above the floor, connecting and separating the living room and dining room. The fluctuation is also accentuated by lines of light embedded in grooves running along the top of the fireplace block, as well as on the wooden floor, and also recalled at the base of the stairs leading to the living area, where the lighting is provided by Palco LV projectors with Flood and Wide Flood optics, as well as Superrail with a diffusing screen, on tracks inserted in the ceiling.
Natural light and artificial lighting play a very important role in this villa, and a control system allows different customised scenarios to be configured.

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  • Client
    ALACER Huanxin Smart City Construction
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  • Photographer
    Zuoya Studio