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Boutique Devialet

Devialet is the most highly awarded start-up in the world for the excellence of its audio sector technology. And to mark the launch of its Phantom wi-fi system, a genuine new development in this market sector, the company has revolutionised its entire store concept.  The mission was to integrate the brand’s new communications campaign into the  architecture of its store spaces and offer the chance of two different acoustic experiences:  a sit-down listening experience in a private lounge featuring its “Expert” range; and a more  informal listening experience with its “Phantom” range where customers can walk around  in a more open and flexible space. 

The presence of prestigious materials, such as teak, mirror-polished stainless steel, glass, padded walls, curtains and woollen carpets enhance the superior quality of the Devialet product range by creating a comfortable environment that meets the company’s specific acoustic requirements. Light also enhances the spaces created and highlights the products. In this context, the decision to use LEDs - the most innovative and contemporary solution available - was a natural choice. The compact size and colour temperature of the luminaires also means they blend in with the existing architecture without altering the quality and visual comfort required.  Here, Laser Blade recessed luminaires satisfy the need for both general illumination and pinpoint lighting on the products on display. Their ultraslim shape meant they could be positioned in a circular layout on the ceiling, which graphically highlights the listening and presentation areas. The different spaces within the store are then further accentuated by graphic frames of light created by LED strips positioned behind the acoustic panels on the walls. 

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  • Year
  • Client
  • Architectural project:
    Emmanuel Fenasse in collaboration with Devialet
  • Lighting project:
    Emmanuel Fenasse in collaboration with Devialet
  • Photographer
    Didier Boy de La Tour